How to Get Android P Style Look on Any Android Device

In this post, I'll show you how easily get Android P features on any Android device running Oreo, Nougat, Marshmallow and Lollipop OS.

About Android P

The first developer preview of Android P has just launched and it brings a ton of new features . Android 9.0 has bought a bag of goodies with it, and everyone seems to be excited about it. We discovered a lot of changes in the system after running the preview for about a day. The UI has seen a significant makeover in case of notifications, quick settings, volume slider, and settings. Other features include the new Pixel launcher with shaded-dock, inbuilt screenshot editing software known as ‘Markup’, new animations, and left-aligned clock on the status bar. We are merely scratching the surface right now, you’d probably find a lot more when you actually start using it.That’s why it’s sad to know that most of the Android devices existing in the world right now will never get the Android P update. That said, the customize ability of Android as an operating system allows us to bring most of the Android P features to older devices.

Get Android P Style Look on Any Android Device

1. Install Android P Launcher

First things first, download and install the Android P launcherAnother Android P feature that users seem to be excited about is the new launcher for the Google Pixel devices. While there isn’t any major change, the launcher interface has been tweaked a little. Now the virtual hovering arrow is gone, the page indicator lives inside the dock and the dock has gotten a new translucent overlay. Also, the Google search bar has now gotten a new microphone icon. If you want all these features, all you need to do is download the Pixel Launcher and install it on your device. Do remember, that you will need to uninstall any previous Pixel launcher mod if it’s present on your device.

Android P Launcher

2. Get Android P Style Notification Panel and Settings Page

The new Android version comes with a major overhaul of the notifications bar, quick settings, and device settings. The Android P launcher that we just installed changes the overall appearance of your launcher, however, it does nothing to bring the new Android P’s notification shade or the Settings page. If you want that, You will need to download and install the Substratum theme name Flux White.

Now you have to install  the Flux White Theme ap[This method is for anyone whose device’s Android version is below Android Oreo] successfully installed the theme, launch ‘Substratum’ on your device.

Image source thecustomdroid

1.      Now open Substratum app
2.    Go to ‘Themes’ and select ‘Flux White’.
3.    Tap on ‘Select your android version’ menu and choose your OS.
4.    Next, turn ON the overlays toggle on the right.
5.     Press the round icon on the bottom-right and select ‘Build & Enable’

Note: if your device is running on Android Oreo, you have two options. You can either use the rooting method or you can utilize Substratum’s Andromeda app to allow Substratum to run on your device without root. Click Here 

Android P Theme

3. Get Android P Screenshot Editor

Android P comes with a screenshot editor called Markup which enable the screenshot functionalities on your device. To get that functionality on your Android device, all you need to do is download and install the Markup tool.

After downloading the file, install it one the device and you will be able t see the Markup app in the app drawer. Just take a screenshot and tap on the share button by expanding the notification bar. From the share page, select the Markup app and you will be able to edit and annotate your screenshot.

Image Source Beebom

Android P Screenshot Editor

4. Get Volume Slider like Android P

One of the changes that Google made with Android P is the volume slider. Previously, a horizontal slider that dropped down from the top of the screen, the new solution is a vertical slider that appears at the edge just like they did to the Power menu in Android 8.1 Oreo.
Thanks to Android P Volume Slider app, developed by XDA member yogi.306, you can now imitate the slider on older Android phones. The app is available for free.

Image Source Beebom

Android P Volume Slider

1.      Download the app
2.    Manually install the APK on your phone.
3.    Launch ‘Android P Volume Slider’.
4.    Give it all the necessary permissions that it is asking for.
5.  Pull down the notification shade and tap on the Volume controls.

5. Download Android P Wallpapers

1.     Just like every new Android version update, Android P also brings a ton of new wallpapers. If you want them all on your device, you can just go ahead and download it from here.

Source Beebom

Android P Wallpaper

6. Download Android P Ringtones

The new Android version also comes with a few more things like new ringtones and system sounds. If you really want your phone to emulate Android P, you should not stop at the visual elements but also change the audio elements of the your phone. So, download all the new ringtones, alarms, notification sounds and other sounds zip file that are coming with the Android P. The ZIP file includes 12 ringtones, 15 notification sounds, 25 UI sounds, and 12 alarm tunes which could be easily applied from the device settings or using a file manager.

 Android P Ringtone

7. Android P Always On Display

Always On display feature of the Galaxy S8 and LG G6, or the Moto Display of Motorola devices is now available on Android P. Yes, Android P is also bringing a small update to the Always on feature on any phone running P.

Always On is a feature that allows your device to always be displaying information about the current time, date, battery, weather and notifications without unlocking the screen.

To get this feature on your device first, download and install the Always On AMOLED – BETA app from Play Store. Now, launch the app and grant all the necessary permissions.

Enjoy Android P Features On Your Android Device

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