How To Enable Google Chrome Rounded Adress Bar On Androd

Google has redesigned the Chrome app, and Android users can test its new layout now. A new flag has appeared in Chrome Canary, that further changes the Chrome Home interface by making everything round.

Previously, Chrome have Chrome Home UI  that turns chrome to a New Look, the Address bar has been moved from the top of the screen to the bottom.In Latest Chrome Canary Version-V62 chrome has a new rounded interface for chrome home.New Rounded looks pretty cool.However this New UI is not Enabled by Default. So you need to Enable this Rounded Design through chrome Flags.

 Enable Google Chrome Rounded Address Bar


Process: (chrome canary user)

-First Of All Update Chrome Canary (atleast 62 or above) / Chrome To Latest Version Open It, In Addressbar Type - Chrome://Flags And Press Enter.

-Search For This Flag Chrome Modern Desing 0r #enable-chrome-modern-desing

-Once You Find, Enable It. Chrome Will Prompt You To Relaunch Chrome, Tap On Relaunch Button.

-This Will Restart Your Browser, And You'll See Your Address Bar, Bookmarks, Articles And All Will Turn From Square Design To Rounded One.

Note1: this process will also work on Normal Google Chrome and Google Chrome Beta.

Note2: for some users it work after relaunch the chrome and for some users it takes time so don’t be sad.

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