Make Your Own Custom WhatsApp Stickers on Android

Most recently, WhatsApp provided the ability to send stickers to users on Android and iOS. In another way, at the side of your hand to in emoji to express the feelings in the app.

WhatsApp provides a "small collection" sticker pack to get you started, but you can download and install a variety of other sticker packs from the Play Store. But what if you could create your sticker with your faces or literally any photo you want?

To create your own customized WhatsApp sticker, you need Sticker maker for WhatsApp app on Android.

How to create your own custom WhatsApp stickers

1. Go to the Google Play Store and download "Free Sticker Creator for WhatsApp" on your Android device. Link Below
2. Open the app and click the "Create a new sticker" button to enter the name and author of the sticker before clicking the "Create" button in a pop-up window.
3. Now you need to click the larger icon at the top of the next screen to set the tray icon (the icon shown in the carousel to help you identify the sticker pack).
4. Click on the first box to select a picture from the gallery or take a new photo. You must crop the image by selecting the area with your finger without lifting the image. When done, click the YES, SAVE STICKER button.
5. Now that you have the tray icon for the sticker pack, you need to create all the individual stickers by following the same process as step 4 above. Finally, press the "Publish sticker pack" button in the bottom right corner.
Note: You need at least 3 stickers to publish a pack, and add it to WhatsApp.

6. Now that you’ve posted your own package of stickers, all that's left to do is add it to WhatsApp by clicking the “Add to WhatsApp” button below. Done!

7.Finally, go to whatsapp, click on the emoticon icon and go to the stickers to view your creations and send them to your friends!

Whatsapp Sticker Macker 
Whatsapp Beta Apk

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